Azzurri Storm is looking for qualified and aspiring coaches for all age groups. Coaches that would like to pursue their licenses will be supported by the club to do so. 
Dean Acker USSF D
Matthew Allen USSF F
Dayne Atkinson USSF D
Wilfred Aparicio USSF F
Philip Bates USSF D
Kevin Bowe USSF D
Matthew Brown USSF E
Austin Bruno USSF E
Gabby Galanti
Daniel Diaz USSF D
John Dina USSF C, National Youth, GK-I & II, Athletic Coaching K-12
Joe Distaffen USSF D
Bryan Fiore USSF C
Elvis Aldana
Shaun Greening USSF D,  National Youth
Charles Griffith USSF F, Grass Roots 9V9 & 11v11
Michael Honorio USSF F
Audra Esper
Mark Kerrison USSF D
Bryce Koch USSF F
Gent Konica UEFA B
Jonothon Marquez USSF D
Julio Martinez USSF F
Ben McManaway USSF D
Jason Mikes USSF C
William Peterson USSF D, Coerver Diploma I & II
Maxwell Pettit USSF E
Getty Pierre USSF D
John Porcelli USSF D
Akram Molaka USSF A License (1990), UEFA A License (2005), NSCAA Premier Diploma (2002), USYSA National Youth License (2008), Weil Coerver Certification (1988), KNVB Trainer/Coach Diploma (1995), SFA A Advanced Full Badge (1995), Brazilian License for American Coaches CBF/SPFA (1995), and English FA/International License (2001).
Carrie Terrill USSF B License, USYSA National Youth License, NSCAA National, Advanced National, and Premier Diplomas, and an NSCAA Goalkeeping I Diploma.
Gavin Spooner USSF A
Jose Sandoval
Jay Stowell USSF D
Mark Wilkinson USSF D-1
Chris Williams CPT, CES, SFS