Youth Tryouts

Join the most dynamic club in southwest Florida! Leading the way in training, developing, and advancing players

The mission, vision, and philosophy of our club is to create and execute a learning environment for players to achieve their fullest potential individually and collectively. We use benchmarks for each age group to set achievable goals and standards of excellence to play the beautiful game. We strive to promote within our soccer culture: creative thinking, competition to achieve, discipline, hard work, and passion for the game. Our vision is to lead players to be leaders in their future endeavors.  Learn about our team formation process below.

Register today to be a part of the success at ASSC! Players’ birth year 2006-2012 will begin April 22-30. Players’ birth year 2013-2017 will begin May 1-8. The specific schedule by age group will be released soon. Stay tuned for the player pathways and coaches’ slate. Questions? Contact


Selection to an Azzurri Storm team is three-fold:

  • Intent to Play (registration)
  • Player Evaluation Sessions
  • Player Selection and Team Formation

The Intent to Play process states your intention to be placed on an Azzurri Storm Youth Soccer team. It includes registration for the Player Evaluation Sessions, collecting your player identification number and tryout t-shirt at check-in, and attendance.


Soccer evaluation (formally tryout) season is a challenging and stressful time of the year for our players, coaches, and families. It does not reflect the work the player has done over the course of the year and it is unfair for them to be assessed only on the basis of their performance in a 1-2-3 day event. As a result, our coaches and directors rely on a number of tools to evaluate a player to ensure each player is placed appropriately based on his or her tactical, technical, physical, and psycho-social development.

  • Team Training & Age Group Trainings
  • New Team Environment (guest playing & guest training)
  • Speed, Agility, and Strength
  • Soccer IQ, Instincts, and Personal Traits
  • Tournament Participation
  • Coach and Director Evaluation and Feedback

Using this information will help assess our current players and make determinations on placement. The team formation process is affected by two factors:

  • Players leaving the team.
  • New players attending the evaluation sessions.

Player Evaluation Sessions for New Players

Although we use a year-round player placement process to evaluate current players within Azzurri Storm, we will continue to hold evaluation sessions to evaluate prospective players from outside the club. During these sessions, we look for very specific qualities in each player to ensure they are a good fit for our club and team culture. We use current players and teams to help gauge where a prospective player may fit within the structure of our club.


Team Offer: Current and prospective players will receive either a team placement offer or feedback during/after the evaluation period. E64 offers expire after 48 hours.
Player Registration: To secure placement on the team, players must register, select a payment plan, or pay in full within 24 hours. Upload a current photo of your player to their gotsoccer account at this time.
Team Meeting: Your coach will arrange a team meeting prior to the season.

Play Up Requests

Requests to “play up” must be made in writing to the board prior to the first evaluation date. If permission is granted, the player must first attend their age group and then move to the older age group for the remaining evaluation sessions for consideration. For more information, email


We feel confident in the process to place players on the appropriate team and to help reduce stress, anxiety, and difficulties surrounding the tryout event for players and parents. Soccer Parenting Resource Center offers supportive articles and interviews for parents and players during the evaluation (tryout) process.

Article: Soccer Tryout Stress for Players and Parents